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What You As Parents Should Know About Immunizations

Immunizations are a hot topic lately, especially during the month of April as its National Infant Immunization and World Immunization Week.
Both the World Health Organization and Center for Disease Control provide an abundance of resources for parents about vaccinations for their children. … Continue reading

Get Vaccinated Against the Measles!

The American Academy of Pediatrics urges all parents to get their children vaccinated against the Measles on the routine vaccination schedule – or sooner if indicated for travel reasons. There has been a multi-state outbreak of the Measles due to a higher rate of vaccine refusals in California. … Continue reading

Measles Kills – Get Immunized!

Immunizations remain the single most effective way to save lives in children. They are safe and important and we follow the nationally recommended vaccination schedule. Please see the following links for information on the dangers of non-vaccination and contracting the measles infection. … Continue reading

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