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Elmwood Pediatric's Staff

Flexibility and access are central to our commitment to the families at Elmwood Pediatrics.

We pride ourselves on providing same day sick appointments as well as an onsite laboratory which guarantees fast results not possible when using commercial labs.

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A Passion For Excellence

We strive to serve as your family’s total resource for raising healthy and happy children. Elmwood Pediatric Group has been serving children and their families since 1946. Our long history as the first pediatric group in the Rochester community is a commitment to providing our patients and their families with the highest quality care year after year.

We provide primary pediatric care to infants, children and adolescents from newborns through their college age years. All of our physicians are board-certified pediatricians, and members of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Our mission is to deliver the best, most advanced up to date and comprehensive medical services to area families. By providing on-site services, such as lab, sick care 365 days a year, electronic medical records, chronic disease management assistance and numerous consultation services.

Pediatricians in Rochester, NY

Anne B. Francis, MD, FAAP
Anne B. Francis, MD

Steven M. Marsocci, MD, FAAP
Steven M. Marsocci, MD

Marie Lynd Murphy, MD, FAAP
Marie Lynd Murphy, MD

Carolyn T. Cleary, MD FAAP
Carolyn T. Cleary, MD

Myriam F. Bauer, MD, FAAP
Myriam F. Bauer, MD

Mary B. Porter, MD, FAAP
Mary B. Porter, MD

William J. Hoeger, MD, FAAP
William J. Hoeger, MD

Jessica Kleinberg, MD, FAAP
Jessica Kleinberg, MD

Sarah Hodges, MD

Nurse Practitioners at Elmwood Pediatrics

Ann B. Sorrento, MS, NP
Ann B. Sorrento, MS, NP

Ann B. Sorrento, MS, NP
Sharon Harris, MS, NP