Research and the Elmwood Pediatric Group

At Elmwood Pediatrics, our ability to give excellent medical care to our patients is enhanced by the research we do.  We participate in the American Academy of Pediatrics PROS Network which involves practices across the country working together in research projects.  Elmwood Pediatrics also participates in research efforts through the University of Rochester.

We welcome the opportunity to help further the practice of medicine and contribute to the broader community through research.  We are proud of our work and welcome any questions or interest in research at EPG.

The research we have participated in has helped to

  • Improve the treatment of and discover behavioral diseases associated with strep throat
  • Find a non-stimulant treatment for ADD
  • Improve the pertussis vaccine and develop one for teenagers
  • Develop combination vaccinations which limits the number of shots for children
  • Create vaccines to protect against several forms of meningitis
  • Improve the treatment of ear infections and obtain approval for new and more effective antibiotics

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