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What to expect when your child receives vaccines

Childhood vaccines can provide protection from 14 serious diseases.
Learn more about what to expect when your child receives vaccines with this “How Vaccines Work” video series put together by the Centers for Disease Control.
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Vaccines are safe and effective

In response to recent outbreaks of vaccine preventable illnesses, local pediatricians including some of our own at Elmwood Pediatrics have spoken out to discuss the importance of vaccines. 
Vaccines are safe and effective and they save lives! 
Check out the video below.

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Questions regarding MMR vaccine

Many parents may have questions regarding the recent cases of measles in the community.
Luckily, the MMR vaccine is highly effective!  One dose of MMR gives 93% immunity and after the second dose your child has 97% immunity.  The Monroe County Health Department is currently recommending continuing with our regular vaccine schedule.  … Continue reading

4 Healthy Guidelines To Consider When Packing Your Child’s Lunch

Do you have a youngster who’s a picky eater? You know the type. All they want are carbs, like frozen bagels or french fries. They turn their nose up at anything you call “healthy.” Worst of all they never want to eat what you have prepared for dinner. … Continue reading

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