Prenatal Visits in Rochester, NY

Congratulations! Having a baby is one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Elmwood Pediatric Group shares in your joy and enthusiasm. We look forward to many years of providing care and support to you and your new family.

Our pediatricians encourage new and expectant parents to schedule a prenatal visit at either of our office locations with our Nurse Practitioners and Doctors. This visit helps you become acquainted with us, find out where we are located, and allows for an exchange of questions regarding the birth of your baby and our practice.

4 Reasons to Schedule a Prenatal Consultation

Even though it is possible for parents to find a pediatrician at any point in their child’s life, there are several key advantages to making this decision prior to your baby’s birth, including:

  • Reducing stress: Once your baby arrives there will be plenty to do, and parents just try to keep up with their new child’s everyday needs.
    Making an educated decision: Rather than rushing into just any pediatric office, your prenatal consultation gives you and your partner a chance to fully and thoroughly evaluate your options in terms of pediatric care. This is your chance to ask questions and become informed on why Elmwood Pediatric Group is the best choice for you and your growing family.
  • Seeing our facility: Come on in to our office in Rochester and experience our environment first hand! Our friendly staff will be more than happy to give you a tour and show you what it will be like when you eventually visit us with your infant in tow.
  • Reviewing your health history: Many medical conditions can be passed genetically, meaning if a parent has a particular condition, their child is likely to have it too. By reviewing this sort of information, our pediatricians will have a head start in providing a personalized level of care to your little one, all before they are even born! In addition, we will learn about the pregnancy and any specific care your child may need after birth.

What you can expect from your prenatal visit:

  • Establish a positive relationship with your new pediatrician
  • Share information regarding your pregnancy, family history, etc.
  • Most importantly, our pediatricians will help guide you and answer any questions that you may have.

Prenatal visits are an important experience as you’re being introduced to a new practice, selecting a pediatrician and building the positive family-pediatrician relationship. Elmwood Pediatric Group realizes this is an exciting and potentially confusing time for you and our pediatricians are here to help.

Newborn Services Offered in Rochester

After your baby is born, and once you leave the hospital, we begin the newborn visits. The earliest developmental stages are filled with so many incredible milestones for your baby, and it is important to have a medical professional review these milestones to ensure that your infant is in an excellent state of health.

Our pediatricians are able to track and measure your child’s progress using a variety of developmental screenings and examinations, which typically begin only a week after your baby’s birth.

In addition to standard treatments and examinations, your pediatrician from Elmwood Pediatric Group will be able to provide answers to many common questions asked by new parents. We are here to address any questions or concerns that you have about the health of your child, and we can also provide advice about common struggles with things like breastfeeding, sleep schedules, proper bathing technique, and so much more! With flexible weekly hours and quick sick appointment scheduling, it will never be difficult to get an appointment with an experienced pediatrician in our office.

Now Accepting Prenatal Patients!

Whether you are due in one week or in ten, it is never a bad time to contact Elmwood Pediatric Group for a prenatal appointment. All of these visits are completely complimentary, so there is no charge associated with our prenatal consultations, and no reason not to stop by for a visit! Please call (585) 244-9720 today, or submit a request for a prenatal consultation with one of our skilled pediatricians using our secure online form.

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