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Sickle Cell Testing for Athletes

NYS has been testing all newborns for sickle cell disease (a disease of abnormal hemoglobin in the blood) and sickle cell trait since 1975. If your child has been a patient of Elmwood since birth, we will have those results. College athletes need to provide these results to their school. You can also request the results from NYS (or the state you were born in), or we can order a lab test. Please see: and click on “requesting results for NCAA requirements”

babyInfant & Toddler Health

Babies are a joy but at times, a little overwhelming. When is a fever something to worry about? What’s the difference between colic and normal crying? What immunizations does your toddler need? Our topics can help you find the answers you’re looking for.

childrenChildren’s Health

Children grow and change so quickly. Our Growth and Development topics can tell you what to expect at each stage of childhood. And our health topics can help you care for them when they’re sick.

teensTeen Health

Being a teenager can be tough. Whether you’re a teen or a parent, it’s smart to learn all you can about teen health issues.

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What Is Your Child’s BMI?

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