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4 Healthy Guidelines To Consider When Packing Your Child’s Lunch

Do you have a youngster who’s a picky eater? You know the type. All they want are carbs, like frozen bagels or french fries. They turn their nose up at anything you call “healthy.” Worst of all they never want to eat what you have prepared for dinner. … Continue reading

How Can You Keep Your Kid Healthy in the Digital Age?

As with all cultural and technological changes, there are positive and negative consequences of the digital age. There are always those who hold on to the past for dear life, and others who jump right in without a second thought.  
Since most adults utilize devices for work and play, … Continue reading

Best Educational Holiday Gifts for Preschoolers

1. Happy Grand Piano
Happy Grand Piano will allow your child to use their creativity and will fill your home with happy tunes. It’s available in both black and pink, making it the perfect gift for boys and girls!
2. LeapFrog’s LeapPad Ultra
Tired of handing your iPad or tablet to your child so they can play their favorite games? … Continue reading

Five Summer Safety Tips for Kids

It’s summer and the kids are out of school. There are a few areas to cover to ensure that your children have a fun, safe summer!
1. Pool Safety
It seems like common sense, but never leave kids unattended at the pool, … Continue reading

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