Best Educational Holiday Gifts for Preschoolers

1. Happy Grand Piano

Happy Grand Piano will allow your child to use their creativity and will fill your home with happy tunes. It’s available in both black and pink, making it the perfect gift for boys and girls!

2. LeapFrog’s LeapPad Ultra

Tired of handing your iPad or tablet to your child so they can play their favorite games? LeapFrog’s LeapPad ultra looks similar to the real thing and gives your child access to more than 800 educational apps.

3. LEGO Young Builders Collection

LEGOs provide many educational benefits to children, including developing creativity, improving fine motor skills, teaching basic math and stimulating a child’s imagination.

4. Pattern Play

This versatile game from MindWare is a fun, colorful introduction to basic math concepts, such as matching, sorting and symmetry.

5. Imaginets

MindWare’s Imaginets set features brightly-colored magnetic blocks that can be arranged on boards to replicate more than 50 different designs, including animals, faces, structures and more.

6. USA Floor Map Puzzle

This colorful puzzle is a great way for kids to make connections between states and learn about geography! It also includes significant national landmarks on the back of each state.


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