Tips for Preventing Summer Baseball Injuries

Summer Baseball Injuries

Summer is just around the corner and little league programs are starting! Follow these helpful safety tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics to make sure your child avoids injuries while playing baseball or softball.

Schedule a physical exam with your pediatrician

Scheduling a physical before your child starts a baseball or softball league will allow a pediatrician to assess any potential injuries your child may be at risk of.

Focus on stretching and warm ups before starting training

Starting a program early will ensure your child is ready for the training that comes with playing baseball or softball.

Purchase the correct safety gear

When playing sports, it’s important to purchase all the correct safety gear. Helmets should include eye protectors and should be worn when a child is batting, waiting to bat and running bases.

Invest in a first aid kit

Even though first aid kits are usually available during the games, bringing a personal first aid kit is also a good choice.

Talk to the league about investing in breakaway bases

Breakaway bases detach when someone slides into them. This can help to decrease the risk of ankle and knee injuries in children.




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