Trusted Pediatric Apps to Download

There is a wealth of medical knowledge on the internet, so how do you know who to trust when it comes to your child’s health?

Download these trusted and helpful pediatric mobile apps to stay up to date on child developmental stages, common illnesses, and more.

parenting appsMobile Apps for Rochester Parents

KidsDoc symptom checker

KidsDoc Symptom Checker provides medical advice on questions that arise for all parents. It is especially useful during off-hours when your pediatrician is closed. Based on the symptoms that your child has, this app will recommend the level of care that is needed.

Available to download on the App Store ( and Google Play (


IronKids is a workout app for young athletes to safely and effectively play sports. Your kids can view detailed exercise demonstrations and injury prevention tips.

Download on the App Store (

Healthy Children

Healthy Children is a resource that provides information and updates directly from the American Academy of Pediatrics. This app include a Find a Pediatrician tool in location, forums, and videos to answer your questions.

Download on the App Store ( or Google Play (

ADHD Tracker

ADHD Tracker is a behavioral assessment app for children who have been diagnosed and treated for ADHD. Parents and teachers can track behavior patterns and review any side effects of medications to provide better treatment.

Available on the App Store (

Car Seat Check

Car Seat Check is a car seat product guide as well as instructional resource for parents. You can browse through car seat prices and size limits, plus instructions to ensure the car seat is installed correctly.

Download on the App Store ( or Google play (

Child Health Tracker

Child Health Tracker allows you to save your key medical contacts in Rochester, note conditions, track medication, and get notified about your child’s upcoming pediatric visits at Elmwood Pediatric Group, required immunizations, and milestones.

Available to download on the App Store (

Healthy Children Magazine

Healthy Children Magazine has health resources including safety, illness, immunization, and behavior information as well as developmental milestones. Each new issue is made available on the app.

Download it from the App Store ( or Google play (

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