Top Five Mobile Apps to Help with Raising Children

Parenting brings a lot of challenges and questions. Staying on top of appointments, immunizations, sleep schedules and nutrition are all important when it comes to raising children.

Here are a few mobile apps can help you understand your child’s schedule, save time and make parenting easier.

1. Kids’ Wellness TrackerTop-Five-Mobile-Apps-to-Help-with-Raising-Children

Kids’ Wellness Tracker, available for free on both iOS and Android, has a range of features that are beneficial to parents, including height, weight and BMI trackers, vaccine tracker, medicine tracker, symptom tracker and dosing calculator.

2. Baby Connect

Have a newborn at home? Baby Connect allows you to track sleep, feeding, diaper changes, activities and appointments. This app available for $4.99 on phones and it also syncs across all your devices.

3. Child Medical History

Child Medical History, available on iOS devices for $3.99, allows you to track and store your child’s medical history easily, including vaccinations, allergies and medications.

4. Child Health Tracker

Created by the American Academy of Pediatrics, Child Health Tracker is a $5 iOS app allows you to see your child’s health information, family history and information on your health care providers.

5. WebMD Baby

The WebMD app is incredibly helpful for new parents. Not only can it track baby’s schedules, monitor growth and record milestones, but there’s also an FAQ section for moms and dads.

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