Elmwood Pediatrics Offer Extensive Care For ADHD

If you believe your child may have ADHD and would like to have him/her evaluated, we will request that a series of parent and teacher questionnaires be completed. This packet of questionnaires and some initial information can be mailed to you or picked up at one of our offices. Once the forms are complete and returned to the Elmwood Pediatric Group, one of our ADHD/Referrals specialists will contact you to schedule an appointment for evaluation with one of our providers.

Managing ADHD

If your child has been diagnosed with ADHD, regular follow-up and close medication management are important aspects of care. Your provider will coordinate your child’s initial and follow-up care consistent with the following EPG ADHD program management requirements:

Follow-Up Appointments

  • After the initial evaluation and diagnosis of ADHD, a medication recheck visit should be scheduled in 4 weeks to discuss how things are going and deal with any immediate problems or concerns. Additional office visits may be necessary until we feel that your child is doing well on the medication prescribed.
  • An ADHD follow-up evaluation should be scheduled for 6 months after the initial evaluation. This visit will require new parent and teacher forms to be completed and evaluated by the provider.
  • If no significant changes are made at the 6 month follow-up visit, your child should return for an ADHD follow-up visit every 6 months. These visits include follow-up forms from parents and teachers. If medication changes are made at any 6 month follow-up visit, the provider may want to see your child again prior to the next follow-up visit.

To learn more about the ADHD process give us a call at (585) 244-9720.

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