COVID-19 Office Procedures and Vaccination Tips


COVID Update 2/9/2021


  1. If you are waiting for results – QUARANTINE (do not leave your house and avoid other as possible)
  2. Testing takes 48 hours or more to result. We are not in control of that timeline.
  3. The fastest way to get results and Return to School letters is to have an active Portal Account.
  4. We can serve you better if you do not call for results until after 72 hours have passed AND you have checked your portal account and there are still no results.

For Testing on ASYMPTOMATIC Patients

Please check the NYS website for testing options.

Please click here to access important information about COVID-19 as well as updates to our office procedures and new scheduling guidelines.

COVID Vaccine

NYS eligibility guidelines are expanding. Please check these websites to see if you are eligible and to see where you can sign up to get the vaccine.

COVID-19 Vaccine Resources


NYS Website and Testing Options

Youth Sports and COVID-19: Understanding the Risks

COVID-19 – Keep on Keeping Your Distance       Positive Parenting & COVID-19   

Cloth Face Coverings for Children During COVID 

Parenting in a Pandemic – Tips to Keep the Calm at Home

COVID Update:


  1. If waiting for results – QUARANTINE (do not leave your house and avoid others as much as possible)
  2. Testing takes 48 hours or more before receiving results. We are not in control of that timeline.
  3. The fastest way to get results & “Return to School letters is to have an active Portal Account.
  4. We can serve you better if you do not call for results until after 48 hours have passed AND you have checked your portal account and there are still no results.

COVID Update 8/19/2020

We hope you are well and being safe and wearing your mask!  We are again changing our schedule due to COVID and to serve your needs.

Starting AFTER LABOR DAY, we will be seeing sick and well children at both offices now, but we will continue to separate these populations and continue to require a mask in the office (for care givers and all children over two years). We will see sick children in the morning at Bushnells Basin, and well children in the afternoon.  At Clinton Crossings we will see well children in the morning and sick children in the afternoon. We will have thorough cleaning between these two times while the office is completely empty. All patient appointments will be by apppointment only and patients can go to either office as their needs require.

We are expanding our phone hours at Clinton Crossing to be 8 AM to 5 PM (which serves both offices).

As school opens, we realize the shcool illness return to school policies will be strict. We are here to help you figure them out and make sure your children can return to school safely.


That is why Elmwood has been open to see our vulnerable babies under two years old for their well visits and vaccines right along.  It seems all we hear about these days is waiting for the COVID-19 vaccine.  We are watching this deadly disease tear apart our families and communities.  Think back… This is what our parents and grandparents experienced before immunizations were available for deadly childhood diseases like polio, measles, mumps, chicken pox and meningitis.  Our children’s world became safer when vaccines were introduced. We can’t afford to lose the herd immunity that we have created together.

For this reason, we need to gradually expand our well visits so that our 4-5 year old patients can get their pre-Kindergarten physicals and shots, followed by the 10-12 year olds entering sixth and seventh grade.  To ensure your safety, we will move all well visits to the Clinton Crossing office starting Monday, May 4th.   We will continue to practice social distancing and when your nurse is ready, she will escort you directly to your cleaned exam room.  Masks will be required and only one parent may accompany the child being seen.

Patients with illnesses will continue to receive their initial care using telemedicine technology with an Elmwood provider. If your child needs to be seen in person, this will take place at our Bushnell Basin office, or they will be referred directly to the appropriate specialist.

The doctors at Elmwood thank our amazing staff for being available to serve you. We thank our emergency and ICU health care workers for serving our community.  We thank you, the parents who trust us with the health and welfare of your children, for your patience and understanding during these confusing times.  It is both an honor we cherish and a responsibility that we take seriously.  We are committed to continue providing care for your children in the safest, most socially responsible manner available.

Wash Your Hands, Wear Your Mask, And Stay Well!

The Doctors and Staff at Elmwood Pediatric Group


COVID Update 4/17/20:

Based on recommendations from the CDC and the recent executive order from Governor Cuomo on April 15, we are asking that all patients over the age of two and their caregiver wear a cloth or face mask when coming to the office. This will help us continue to keep your family and our staff and providers safe.

Children under age two should NOT be wearing masks as this creates a suffocation risk.

We continue to ask that only one parent or caregiver accompany the patient to visits.

Please check out the following links for information on wearing face masks in public and instructions on how to create your own “no-sew” face mask.

As always, we are here for you and readily available for telemedicine visits for acute issues. We will continue to update our Facebook page and website as office policies change.

COVID-19 UPDATE 4/7/20:

COVID-19 seems to have changed everything in the world around us, but there is one thing you can count on.  Elmwood Pediatric Group is here for you and your family.  Like you, we are doing things differently, based on recommendations from the CDC, AAP and the local health department.

Newborn Babies and Children Under 2

Newborn babies and children under 2 who need vital vaccines will be seen for their regularly scheduled well visits at our Bushnell’s Basin office.  You may see a different EPG provider for these next few weeks, but you will be able to schedule with your child’s doctor in the future.  Our electronic health record will allow your child’s primary doctor to review anything out of the ordinary.  For your safety and the safety of our dedicated staff, only one adult and the child being seen can enter the office to limit exposure for everyone.

Well Visits for Those Over 2 Years

We will be scheduling well visits for those over 2 years of age in the future, but not quite yet.  We, like you, are waiting for the “virus to determine the timeline”.


What if your child develops an illness, new symptoms or an injury?  Call us for a video visit from your own home.  You will receive a text message at your visit time and when you click on the link, you will be connected with an EPG provider on a HIPPA-compliant, confidential telemedicine connection.  You can see us and we can see you.  No, it is not the same but it is working.

We know that becoming your child’s teacher, while working at home and caring for the rest of the family is difficult. It can be even more challenging if your child has ADHD or learning issues.  We can schedule a video visit with your primary doctor to discuss your family’s situation, evaluate medications and make changes if needed.  We want to help your kids meet their educational goals.  The stress caused by COVID-19 may be magnified for those living with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.  We know your child well and are ready to meet with you electronically to provide the care they need right now.

Contact Us Through Your Patient Portal

Our PATIENT PORTAL is a secure way for you to reach us through email with non-urgent questions (similar to MY CHART at Strong).  It is more important than ever for our patients to use the portal as it also allows us to send you instructions and recommendations after your telemedicine visit.  Please call our office for your code to establish this link with us from home.

Scheduling Appointments

We are not doing walk-in visits at this time, but you can call our office from 8am – 4:30pm on weekdays and 8am – 10:30am on the weekends to schedule a visit.

Further Updates

Please continue to check our website for links to new resources especially related to COVID19

By the time you read this, plans may have changed.  Check our website and EPG Facebook page often for the latest updates as we get through this together   Contact us if you have suggestions to make the process smoother.

Again, we at Elmwood are here for you.  We miss seeing you and your kids in our office! Keep your distance, wear your cloth mask, wash your hands and stay well.


The Providers and Staff of Elmwood Pediatric Group

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