Medication Refill Policy

  • For any refills (other than controlled medications) please contact your pharmacy and have them submit an electronic request to us.
  • If a medication refill is requested for a chronic medical issue and your child has not had a visit within the last 6 months (4 months for ADHD, depression and anxiety), you will be given a 1-month prescription and asked to schedule a visit. No further refills will be given until your child has been seen by a provider and is current for follow-up visits and physicals.
  • If your child has been off medication for more than 6 months, he/she must be seen by a provider for a follow-up visit before medication will be prescribed.
  • If your child has been off medication for more than 1 year, he/she must be seen for a new evaluation before medication will be prescribed.
  • Most medications prescribed for ADHD are “controlled or scheduled” drugs.  Current regulations regarding the prescribing of this class of medications states that the prescriber must send the prescription electronically- it cannot be called in. We are also required to check the NYS Bureau of Narcotics electronic database prior to sending a prescription.
  • We ask parents to notify our office at least 1 week before a refill is needed.  Given regulations, it may take 3-4 days for a prescription to be sent.  A parent or their authorized representative may pick up and sign for the prescription and a photo ID is required for pick up of all controlled medications.
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