Forms & Policies

Medication Refill Requests

  • For other than controlled medication refills please contact your pharmacy and have them submit an electronic request to us.

  • If a medication refill is requested and your child has not had are-evaluation within the last 6 months (4 months for ADHD, depression and anxiety), you will be given a 1-month prescription and asked to schedule a visit. No further refills will be given until your child has been seen by a provider and is current for follow-up visits and physicals.

  • If your child has been off medication for more than 6 months, he/she must be seen by a provider for a follow-up visit before medication will be prescribed.

  • If your child has been off medication for more than 1 year, he/she must be seen for a new evaluation before medication will be prescribed.

  • Most medications prescribed for ADHD are "controlled or scheduled" drugs. This means that they are regulated and monitored by the Government. Current regulations regarding the prescribing of stimulant medicines state that the prescriber must write the prescription - it cannot be called in. Also we are required to check the NYS Bureau of Narcotics electronic database before every prescription that is written.

  • We ask parents to notify our office at least 1 week before the supply of medication runs out to arrange for a new prescription to be written. It may take 3-4 days before we can get the medication to you.  A parent or their authorized representative may pick up and sign for the prescription. (For example, a teenage sibling who is driving may pick up the prescription if they have a letter from the parent authorizing them to do so.) A photo ID is required for pick up of all controlled medications.